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Shadows by Chéri Vausé


by Marc Liebman
The American Revolution is in its fourth year. Even though France sides with the Americans, the issue is still very much in doubt. The Continental Congress is struggling to find money to fund the war. The British have turned their attention to the southern states, where Loyalists are numerous and influential. In December of 1778, Savannah falls to the British. But on the high seas, Britain’s sovereignty is being challenged. Prize by prize, Jaco Jacinto and Scorpion are disrupting British commerce.
Shadows by Chéri Vausé

Hornblower and the Journey Home

by James Keffer
It’s 1840. Twenty-three years ago, Horatio Lord Hornblower was governor of the island of St. Helena and hailer to its only prisoner, Napoleon Bonaparte. The French have requested Hornblower attend the exhumation. Hornblower knows the situation is a veritable powder keg; the Ultra-Royalists, led by the ruthless Duke of Angouleme, will stop at nothing to prevent Bonaparte’s remains from returning to France.
Shadows by Chéri Vausé

The Contessa's Easel

by Mary Sharnick
Orla Castleberry returns to her New Orleans home after a year as artist-in-residence at Manhattan’s New York University. Her topical exhibit “Portraits of AIDS” has earned world-wide praise and notoriety for its realistic representations. For years, Orla has sidelined her longings in order to be and do what others needed from her. Now, her love for the truth of art is leading her to discoveries of love.
Shadows by Chéri Vausé

Coral Moon

by Craig Godfrey
Samoa, 27, arrives in Cook Town to charter a boat to take her to Mist Island in the Solomon’s searching for her younger brother, Rennison. But Rennison harbours dark secrets. He’s associated with the Germans infiltrating the Pacific. Rennison is discovered marooned on the Shoal of Ghosts off Malaita. Samoa, Rennison, and company must face headhunting savages, Captain Bligh and the German Navy.

Shadows by Chéri Vausé

Silent From the Shadows

by Craig Godfrey
Nineteenth Century Van Daimian sleuth, Caspian Hunter, is a colonial lawman deeply immersed in the life and crimes of Hobart Town, where convicts transported from Mother England form a majority of the population. Vampires! The ignorant rant, as mysterious murder victims appear around Hobart Town’s environs with inexplicable puncture marks to their throats. Anarchy threatens the island.

Shadows by Chéri Vausé


by Lee Gold
Robin Johnson died a hero’s death, rescuing people from a hospital during a California earthquake. So how is a hero rewarded? Robin finds herself not in Heaven but in Valhalla of Norse myths, welcomed by heroes and the guardians of Asgard. But Robin had been something of an oddity in life and continues to be so in the afterlife.

Shadows by Chéri Vausé

Queen of Blood

by Sarah Kennedy
1553. Mary Tudor has just been crowned queen of England. Catherine’s estranged son suddenly returns from Wittenberg amid circulating rumours about overthrowing the new monarch, Catherine finds herself having to choose between the queen she has always loved and the son who seems determined to join the Protestants.

Shadows by Chéri Vausé

Better to Die

by Steve Smith
After a five-year stint with the French Foreign Legion, Jack Adair is determined to have a career as a Sandhurst officer, preferably in his father’s old regiment, the King’s Royal Rangers. But the KRR considers itself elite, professionally and socially, with scant room for a rough diamond like Adair.

Shadows by Chéri Vausé

Through Forests and Mountains

by Margaret Walker
Yugoslavia 1942. Anton Marković didn’t believe in a girl with a gun. How could the Partisans win this war with only farmers, labourers and women for soldiers? But could he save Mara from that brilliant and psychotic fascist she could not shoot? From the forests and mountains of Bosnia to the White Cliffs of Dover, the Nazis and the Ustasha battle the most successful resistance movement in Occupied Europe.

Shadows by Chéri Vausé


by Craig Godfrey
A tale of two hemispheres and a man and a woman who initially shared little but the English language. Of a man of peace–a doctor–ensnared in the violence of the American Revolution, forced to flee the former American colonies of King George III.

Shadows by Chéri Vausé

A Congress of Kings

by James Boschert
The year 1187 is one of the most fateful for the Christian crusades in the Holy Land, and one of the most disastrous. Under the vigilant protection of Lord Talon and his companions, the land of Kantara enjoys peace even as the tyrant Isaac Komnenos continues to plunder the rest of Cyprus. Talon has eluded the Fidai of The Master Rashid ad Din for nearly twenty years, but his luck may be running out.

PRESS RELEASE: The Measure of Ella by Toni Bird Jones Wins Clive Cussler Grand Master Award and 2020 Kindle Book Award!!

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