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Shadows by Chéri Vausé

The Captain's Nephew

By Philip K Allan
After a century of war, revolutions, and Imperial conquests, 1790s Europe is still embroiled in a battle for control of the sea and colonies. Tall ships navigate familiar and foreign waters, and ambitious young men without rank or status seek their futures in Naval commands. First Lieutenant Alexander Clay of HMS Agrius is self-made, clever, and ready for the new age. But the old world, dominated by patronage, retains a tight hold on advancement. Though Clay has proven himself many times over, Captain Percy Follett is determined to promote his own nephew

Shadows by Chéri Vausé

Attaché Extraordinaire

By John Danielski
Major Pennywhistle is on a special assignment but had not anticipated the dangers involved. A real Game of Thrones that changed Europe
Lies, intrigue, betrayal: An average day at the Congress of Vienna. Kings, Czars, and Emperors dance a diplomatic minuet what will determine the fate of Europe for a century.

Shadows by Chéri Vausé

Brewer and The Black Rose

By James Keffer
Captain William Brewer has returned from the South Atlantic with hopes of spending some time with his wife, Elizabeth, and their new daughter, Anne. There is a new threat in the Caribbean – a pirate named Black Rose has created a panic among merchant sailors. The attacks are becoming increasingly violent and deadly, and the pirate always leaves a calling card to claim responsibility – a single black rose on a victim’s body.

Shadows by Chéri Vausé

Ensign James Lockwood

By Mark Bois
It is late 1797, and Ireland teeters on the brink of rebellion. Seventeen-year-old James Lockwood, fresh from school, defies his aristocratic father and takes a commission with the Westmeath Militia Regiment. Posted to the regimental barracks, he is thrown head-first into military life, struggling to fit in while grappling with the duties of a junior officer. He faces numerous challenges:

Shadows by Chéri Vausé

Valhalla Into the Darkness

by Lee Gold
Thanks to the efforts of Robin and her friends, including the gossipy squirrel Ratatosk, Asgard is now safe from one danger, but other threats loom. The Norns ’tapestry is turning darker and darker. After centuries of turning a blind eye, Odin has decided it is time to call his secret enemies to a reckoning.

Shadows by Chéri Vausé

The Book of Invasions

by Rod Vick
The world is stunned by the inexplicable murder of a dozen climate scientists at a remote research station in Greenland. When twenty-six-year-old Ricky Crowe, sister of a slain researcher, unexpectedly comes into possession of a parchment map found in Greenland’s 5,000-year-old ice, she attempts to set aside the demons of her own grief in order to determine whether the map holds a key to her sister’s fate.

Shadows by Chéri Vausé

Death of a Lady

by Marc Liebman
By 1781, the American Revolution had been going on for six years. The British are unable to decisively defeat the Continental Army and end the rebellion. Even though the British Navy now controls the port city of Charleston, South Carolina, local militia are proving very effective at disrupting British overland supply lines and avenging predations.

Shadows by Chéri Vausé

Buried at Sea

by R Kenward Jones
1976: USS Redstone, the oldest ship in the Fleet, is ground zero for the newest idea in the Navy: integrating women onto ships. While engineers of Redstone labor to prepare quarters for women, the ship is tapped to bring priceless cargo across the Atlantic for a public relations tour. The State Department wants to put a new face on US-Arab relations, and the face they choose is the three-thousand-year-old solid gold image of Egypt’s boy king: Tutankahmun. But part of the shipment—and two sailors—go missing during a ferocious storm at sea.

Shadows by Chéri Vausé

Dracula's Guest

by Amaya Tenshi
Vlad Dragulya–Vampire Hunter??? When Cammy, Seattle hipster, part-time barista and college student, survives an attack by a pack of vampires, she resolves to learn more about what is going on in the shadows of her city. What she discovers is that none other than Dracula himself is involved in vampire abatement efforts.

Shadows by Chéri Vausé

The Refused

by Ron Singerton
Paris! 1861, City of light, art, scandal and great expectations, where extreme wealth rubs against raging poverty, with insurrection roiling beneath the surface. In the United States, the war of 1861-65 destroys families and communities. Three survivors decide to leave behind the ruins of their former lives.

Shadows by Chéri Vausé

Hornblower and the Island

by James Keffer
Napoleon Bonaparte is embarrassing the British on the remote island of St. Helena almost at will, and England is now the laughingstock of Europe. The answer is a new Governor: Lord Horatio Hornblower. The British government are willing to bet that Hornblower’s background will earn the Corsican’s respect. Hornblower discovers a Bonaparte that history never knew and learns the truth about the Emperor of the French!

Shadows by Chéri Vausé

The Dragon's Breath

by James Boschert
Talon, an assassin turned knight turned merchant, is restless. Enticed by tales of lucrative trade, he sets sail for the coasts of Africa and India. Traveling with him are his wife and son, eager to share in this new adventure, as well as Reza, his trusted comrade in arms. Treasures beckon at the ports, but Talon and Reza quickly learn that dangers attend every opportunity, and the chance rescue of a Chinese lord named Hsü changes their destination—and their fates.

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