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Marc Liebman

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Marc Liebman

Marc Liebman, a former U.S. Navy Captain and Naval Aviator, is a combat veteran of the Vietnam War, the Tanker Wars of the 1980s, and Desert Shield/Desert Storm. He served twenty-four years in the Navy and a military career that took him all over the world. Liebman has worked with the armed forces of Australia, Canada, Japan, Thailand, Republic of Korea, the Philippines, and the U.K.

Liebman has just under 6,000 hours of pilot-in-command/co-pilot flight time in a variety of tactical military, civilian fixed and rotary wing aircraft. In the business world, he has been the CEO of an aerospace and defense manufacturing firm, an associate editor of a national magazine and a copywriter for an advertising agency as well as a senior executive of a global business process management firm. He retired from the business world in 2015 to become a full time author.

He lives in Savannah, Texas with his wife of 45+ years and three poodles and spends a lot of time visiting his four grandchildren.

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Death of a Lady

Jaco Jacinto Age of Sail Series Book 3. By 1781, the American Revolution had been going on for six years. The British are unable to decisively defeat the Continental Army and end the rebellion. Even though the British Navy now controls the port city of Charleston, South Carolina, local militia are proving very effective at disrupting British overland supply lines and avenging predations.
Royal Navy captain Darren Smythe is in love with Melody Winters, a rebel living in British-occupied Charleston. His doubts about the wisdom of the war conflict with his determination to do his duty. Escorting convoys interferes with his courtship, except when he can dock in Charleston.
Jaco Jacinto, captain of the Continental Navy frigate Scorpion, continues to be a thorn in the side of the Royal Navy by raiding British ports in the Caribbean and capturing prizes. Until the Marine Committee of the Continental Congress sends the solitary Scorpion on an impossible mission: to prevent a naval convoy from reaching Cornwallis.
Jaco’s fiancée, Reyna Laredo, is leading a double life: accompanying her brother’s militia unit to fight at the battle of Dorchester, and acting as physician to soldiers of both armies, much to the consternation of General Cornwallis’s officers. Until a foolhardy officer captures Reyna and her traveling companions, and threatens to execute them all as traitors.
And as the war wears on, British soldiers and hired mercenaries continue to ask themselves: would they rather fight to protect the status of kings, or chose liberty for themselves?

Carronade by Marc Liebman

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Jaco Jacinto Age of Sail Series Book 2. 1778: The American Revolution is in its fourth year. Even though France sides with the Americans, the issue is still very much in doubt. The Continental Congress is struggling to find money to fund the war. The British have turned their attention to the southern states, where Loyalists are numerous and influential. In December of 1778, Savannah falls to the British. But on the high seas, Britain’s sovereignty is being challenged. Prize by prize, Jaco Jacinto and Scorpion are disrupting British commerce. Royal Navy captains fear any encounter with the small rebel frigate that outsails and outguns their ships of comparable size. A task
force consisting of three ships, led by Dilletante, a two-decker armed with 50 newly cast 24-pounder carronades, is sent to bring Scorpion to heel. In England, Jaco’s friend Darren Smythe is now captain of Gladius, a frigate armed with twenty 12-pounders. When Dilletante fails to crush Scorpion, Smythe is given command of a small squadron. His sailing orders: Sink or capture Scorpion. If the seas are becoming dangerous territory for Jaco, land is no better. Southern Loyalists would like to see him captured and hanged. Further north, there is Edmund Radcliffe, a disgraced naval officer with a thirst for bloody vengeance.

Raider of The Scottish Coast by Marc Liebman

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Raider of The Scottish Coast

Jaco Jacinto Age of Sail Series Book 1. It’s 1775 and the American Revolution has begun. In England, the Royal Navy has one eye on the rebellious colonials and the other on its traditional enemy, the French. Two teenagers – Jaco Jacinto from Charleston, SC and Darren Smythe from Gosport, England – become midshipmen in their respective navies. Jacinto wants to help his countrymen win their freedom. Smythe has wanted to be a naval officer since he was a boy. From blockaded harbours and the cold northern waters off Nova Scotia and Scotland, to the islands of the Bahamas and Nassau, they serve with great leaders and bad ones through battles, politics and the school of naval hard knocks. Jacinto and Smythe are mortal enemies, but when they meet they become friends, even though they know they will be called again to battle one another.

The Simushir Island Incident by Marc Liebman

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The Simushir Island Incident

Josh Haman Series Book 7. Manufacturing and selling illicit drugs is a lucrative business. But what good is being rich if you can’t enjoy your wealth?
North Korean officers Admiral Pak and General Jang are in charge of an operation that produces high-grade heroin to be sold in the United States as Asian Pure. But an alarming number of high-ranking officers in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea are being accused of treason — and not surviving their arrests. Admiral Pak and General Jang suspect it is only a matter of time before their own heads will be on the execution block, unless they can make themselves to valuable to kill off. They figure out a way to dramatically reduce costs and increase the profit margin: rent Simushir Island from Russia and manufacture the drugs closer to their market destination. They even concoct a plausible cover story of establishing a maritime base for merchant shipping. It’s a great plan — until other heads of state decide to militarize the operation with a ballistic missile launch facility.
After an American electronic reconnaissance aircraft is targeted by missile fire from Simushir Island, the distinctions between self-preservation, retaliation, and escalation blur. Soon Josh Haman, Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans for the Pacific Coast’s Seventh Fleet, and Marty Cabot, Seventh Fleet’s Navy Special Warfare Officer, have to figure out how to shut down the North Korean operation on Simushir without starting World War III.

Moscow Airlift by Marc Liebman

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Moscow Airlift

Josh Haman Series Book 6. In 1991, Gorbachev signs the historic US/Soviet grain deal, committing the Soviets to purchasing eight million tons of grain over the next five years. In response, inflation in the Soviet Union rises almost out of control, the government loses its iron grip on the population, and the Soviet parliament votes to dissolve the Soviet Union. Hardliners want Gorbachev out of power, and the Iranians see the turmoil as a chance to acquire tactical nuclear weapons. The United States realizing it was receiving conflicting intelligence on the situation in the Soviet Union sends Josh Haman to Moscow as an independent set of eyes and ears. On the day he arrives, a KGB general promises to give him the names and addresses of the man who ordered the killing of his first wife’s parents. Almost immediately, Haman’s mission expands from gathering intelligence on the volatile political situation to stopping the delivery of the nuclear weapons to the Iranians, all the while tormented by the desire to exact revenge.

Inner Look by Marc Liebman

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Inner Look

Josh Haman Series Book 5. After John Walker and Jerry Whitworth are arrested for passing top-secret information to the Soviet Union, the project Inner Look is initiated to determine if there are any other spies operating within the government intelligence agencies. Navy SEAL Marty Cabot and naval aviator Josh Haman are assigned to the project in the hopes that their unconventional approach and out-of-the-box thinking will yield more answers.
Cabot and Haman discover that the security leaks go higher up than anyone imagined. Furthermore, the leaks have compromised many of their missions. For Josh and Marty, it’s not just about national security, it’s personal.
Their pursuit turns international, taking them into dangerous waters. Nothing but their skills will keep them alive when the KBG sends assassins to silence the traitor and neutralize the threat they pose.

Forgotten by Marc Liebman

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The Forgotten are six Americans who did not come home at the end of the Vietnam War. Kept hidden in a remote camp in the jungle near the Laotian/Vietnamese border, their captor – a People’s Army of Vietnam lieutenant colonel – has them converting raw opium into morphine base. His goal: ransom them back to the Americans for millions years after the war ended. Before she married Randy, Janet Pulaski was an anti-war activist and a member of the Students for A Democratic Society’s Action Wing. After he’s shot down, she’s sent to Cuba to learn how to be an assassin and makes an interesting life style choice. When the U.S. learns of their existence in 1982, two men, one a former POW and the other a CIA operative want the POWs dead. Their existence could send one to jail and the other to a firing squad.

“Forgotten by Marc Liebman is a great read. It’s one of those stories that grabs hold on page 1 and takes you on a rollercoaster ride. The plot is amazing, something quite unique, and is full of twists and turns.” – Anne-Marie Reynolds for Readers’ Favorite

Render Harmless by Marc Liebman

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Render Harmless

Josh Haman Series Book 3. Car bombs set by a group called Red Hand are going off all over West Germany, killing American, British and German citizens. Red Hand’s manifesto reads as if it was copied from Nazi propaganda. Now, just four years after the 1972 Olympics massacre of Israeli athletes and three decades after the Holocaust, the West German government is facing its worst political nightmare: Germans are once again killing Jews – and former Nazis who want to create the Fourth Reich may somehow be involved.
The West German police can’t find the shadowy members of Red Hand, so the American and British governments decide to act covertly. Josh Haman, part way through an exchange tour with the Royal Navy’s Fleet Air Arm, joins the team led by his friend and SEAL Team Six member Marty Cabot. The hunt takes their team into East Germany to execute their written orders, which tell them “to find, neutralize and render harmless to the United States and her allies the members of Red Hand.”

Big Mother 40 by Marc Liebman

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Big Mother 40

Josh Haman Series Book 2. Ranked #48 by Readers June 2013 as a Top 100 War Novel

“Big Mother 40 is a story well told and one in which aviation and special warfare veterans of the Vietnam conflict will identify, and about which they will tell their friends. Younger readers will enjoy the book simply as a great adventure.” — Michael Field, Captain USN (retired) Wings of Gold, Winter 2012 issue

“Liebman skips macho combat images to plunk us into the deeper connections of war, from fear and courage to the truer realms of human relationships. His detail is authentic, and he lends even greater validity to the operations he describes with valuable author notes at the back of the book including a historic analysis of the time, military glossary and roster of characters. Despite the book’s intensity and detail, the story is fast-paced. For a book you won’t forget, you have to read BIG MOTHER 40.” — Bonnie Toews, Military Writers’ Society of America, January 2013

Cherubs 2 by Marc Liebman

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Cherubs 2

Josh Haman Series Book 1. In combat, there is a fine line between being overly cautious and cowardice. It’s Josh Haman’s first tour in Vietnam and he’s fresh out of the training command – a “nugget” in Naval Aviator parlance. Josh Haman has to figure out on which side of the line the combat search and rescue detachment’s officer-in-charge stands. Untested and without a lot of experience, he has to make a career and life and death decision and live with the consequences.
Josh gets his first taste of the unpredictability of Naval operations when he is picked to be a pioneer in flying helicopters in Navy special operations. He, and Marty Cabot, a Navy SEAL, become pawns in inter-service politics. The two of them are ordered to fly missions that could, if not carried out successfully, have international consequences beyond the war in Vietnam.