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Roger Paine Signing at East Grimstead Bookshop

New photos of Roger Paine’s last signing at the East Grimstead Books — smiling as always! It turned out to be another successful event — having sold 15 copies of his latest book. Roger also sent us a photo of the wonderful women who organzied the event. Many thanks to the book store and its staff!

Roger Paine: Ships and Sealing Wax, And Many Things. Roger Paine, retired Navy commander and former secretary to the trustees of the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, gives a guided tour around more than twenty ancient village churches in southern England. Wonder at how a gruesome collection of human skulls provides an attraction to visitors in a parish church, and discover how a young girl waited in vain for her lover from the vicarage next door and eventually died of a broken heart. Spend springtime with Robert Browning, summer with William Morris, autumn with John Keats, and Christmas with Kenneth Grahame—and find out what inspired these poets to write as memorably as they did.