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The Captain's Nephew by Philip K Allan

The Captain’s Nephew has received some terrific new reviews!

“…This is an adventure tale that spans half the globe in an age where few people ever got much further from the village where they were born than 20 miles. The protagonists have learned to harness the wind and live a far different life than their shore bound contemporaries. When I first read Forester I wondered how he ever came up with such stories and such realism. In many ways Phillip K. Allan surpasses Forrester in realism. “ — American Admiralty Books

“Philip K. Allan brings a fresh new voice to naval fiction under sail with his debut novel, The Captain’s Nephew…a captivating entry in naval fiction, replete with true to life characters, well-drawn officers and striking Jack Tars. A sea breeze drifts off the pages, along with the reek of powder smoke.” — Quarterdeck Magazine, Spring 2018

“Allan wastes no time from the first page in getting me hooked…His verbiage from the start maximizes utility while still presenting as fluid and gorgeous, with such realism that we can virtually see the scene as it occurs. The Captain’s Nephew–a seafaring adventure…told by a storyteller well-versed in his craft, it is a tale to re-visit time and again as we eagerly await the next.” — Before the Second Sleep Blog