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Steven M. Moore received a really nice review from Midwest Review of Books for his international thriller, Rembrandt’s Angel.

“A deftly crafted and consistently riveting read from beginning to end, “Rembrandt’s Angel” showcases author Steven Moore’s genuine flair for originality and his impressive mastery of, the Mystery/Suspense genre.”

Rembrandt's Angel by Steven M. Moore

Steven M. Moore: Rembrandt’s Angel. Esther Brookstone’s life is at a crossroads. A Scotland Yard inspector who specializes in stolen art, she’s reluctantly considering retirement. A three-time widow, she can’t quite decide whether paramour and colleague Interpol Agent Bastiann van Coevorden should be husband number four. Decisions are put on hold while she and Bastiann set out to thwart a neo-Nazi conspiracy financed in part by artworks stolen during World War II. Among the stolen art is the masterpiece “An Angel with Titus’ Features,” a work Esther obsesses about recovering.The case sends the intrepid pair on an international hunt spanning several European countries and the Amazon jungle. Evading capture and thwarting death, Esther and Bastiann prove time and again that adrenaline-spiked adventures aren’t just for the young.