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Author Resources

A General Listing of Review/Interview/Promotional Sites

Penmore Press has put  together a database of resources, primarily collected from Penmore  authors who have found good review, interview, and promotional options online. We will continue to grow and edit the list as more information becomes available.

Big Website Reviews: Some Fees Apply

General, All Genres

Kindle Book Promotions: This is a pretty interesting new Amazon feature—a group that offers really effective promotion of your work. Though there are fees, the comprehensive nature of what they provide, along with their ability to get results, make it worth the money. Additionally, they are available if you have questions or concerns.

The Midwest Book Review:  A big book-review clearinghouse that provides well-written, credible reviews. You need to send them two copies of your book and a press release (contact Jim Cox). Some fees apply.

Feathered Quill Book Reviews   (USA): Fees are required, and different packages are offered depending on how far and wide the review will go. The reviews are excellent and worthwhile.

The Book Blogger List:  This is a huge site broken down by genre–each with its own list of bloggers who write reviews for that genre.

Beck Valley Books   (UK): Fees are required but it’s a big outfit, does a pretty decent job with the reviews, and posts reviews at several sites.

BookBrowse: A really nice looking website with a wide range of genres, they do reviews and interviews. I think you will need to join and become a member — but at $35.00 a year, it seemed like a good deal if you are asking for a review of one or more novels.

LitLovers:  Specialized for books clubs, they provide bio/book description/short review and discussion formats.

Manhattan Book Reviews: With an option for a free review (though you might not get reviewed unless they really like it) or a fee review.

Serious Reading  (USA): Book reviews and interviews. A small fee is required. If you take some time to answer the interview questions thoughtfully, it’s a really nice gig. Also, the work is given visual space on the site.

Readers’ Favorite: Great spotlights and short reviews—also awards. Good site and, from what we’ve seen, well-written reviews.

Rain Taxi: Largely a literary-review website. Good for contemporary fiction, and maybe an unusual historical novel.

San Francisco Book Review: Excellent reviews and they are free — but note, they only publish about 40% of the thousands of request they receive. But always worth a try.

Science Fiction and Fantasy, Paranormal, Steampunk

Risingshadow: Mostly SF/F and horror. This site has a large following and some excellent reviews.

Locus Magazine: The premier magazine for SF/F. Featuring substantial book reviews and interviews, it provides an opportunity to post your author events. Still trying to figure out the submission process for a book/event announcement.

SFFWorld   (UK): A great site with lots of options for authors to submit books for review, write a guest post, or do interviews. You can also join the community bulletin board and see what’s happening in the SF/F world.

Murder Mystery and Crime

Crime Fiction Lover  (UK): Great-looking website and affordable ads (email for the price sheet). They do reviews, but require a reading copy one month before the book’s release, so timing matters. Penmore can get the book together in a mobi edition after the final copy has been prepared and send it out to the reviewers for you. They will also require a press release and an image file of the cover. We can help you pull all that together.

Crime Time (UK): A book review site for murder mysteries. It also does interviews and features.

The Rap Sheet: book reviews and an option to write a guest post.

Historical Fiction Review Websites

Historical Novel Society  (USA and UK): Posts new reviews of historical fiction every month.

Historic Naval Fiction (UK): Run by David Hayes, this site announces releases and provides some reviews.

Historical Tapestry: A group of historical fiction book-review bloggers.

A Writer of History: Run by M. K. Todd, who usually offers a guest post rather than a review.

The Civil War (1861-1865): A History Podcast: Podcast interviews/conversations.

Unusual Historicals: This site posts articles and reviews.

History Imagined: Another one of those interesting sites that asks for character interviews.

Passages to the Past: Specializing in historical fiction reviews.  Also, will do author interviews and guest posts.

Independent Bloggers

Before the Second Sleep: Great Reviews.

Celtic Lady’s Reviews: Reviews and an occasional spotlight notice.

Author Spotlight Series: Really nice interviews by David Cook.

The Adventures of an Intrepid Reader

Passages to the Past: Features reviews, interviews, and spotlight notices.

Pirates and Privateers: Cindy Vallar, the editor and reviewer, specializes in age of sail and pirate fiction and nonfiction.

Guest Post or Articles

Military History Now: This military website is particularly interested in guest posts on military history. Two Penmore authors Jim Stemple and John M. Danielski have both contributed short articles based on their research for their respective novels. They do a great job of offering a bio and linked image of the author’s books at the end of the article.

A Writer of History: Contact M. K. Todd. Guest posts include writing about the research, reconstructing unique historical events, a writer’s perspective on the historical event.

The Rap Sheet: A Crime Fiction blog — invites authors to send in a guest post. They can be slow to respond, but judging by the nice selection of posts, probably worth the trouble.

Unusual Perspectives

Sometimes it’s not the author who gets reviewed, but a character from the novel. These can be a lot fun to write—as long as you, the author, stay in character.

The Protagonist Speaks

History Imagined

Professional Organizations

General Information for Authors

Ralan: Links to all kinds of interesting information, from agents to organizations, writing groups, bookstores, etc.

Murder Mystery and Crime Fiction

The Crime Writers’ Association: For authors in the UK.

MysteryNet: An online resource for all things murder mystery—awards, websites, organizations. A long list of murder mystery/crime fiction organizations appears on their Mystery Organizations page.

Sisters in Crime: For  US and international writers.

Mystery Writers of America

Mystery Readers International:  Aimed at the fans, but there are opportunities for submitting an interesting piece for their themed magazine issues.

Science Fiction and Fantasy, Horror, Steampunk, and Paranormal

SFWA (Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America)

BSFA (The British Science Fiction Association)

The British Fantasy Society

Horror Writers Association

Professional Services

Author/Book Marketing Services

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