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Stephan A. Silva

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Stephan A. Silva

Stephan A. Silva is a pharmacist, physician, and foot surgeon who grew up in Westchester County, New York. He earned an undergraduate degree from St. John’s University in pharmacy and a doctorate from New York College of Podiatric Medicine. He is board certified in podiatric medicine and surgery, as well as advanced wound care.

In addition to being a writer, Stephan owns and operates a wound care clinic in Boca Raton, Florida. He has been married to his wife, Debra, for thirty years. They have three children and a schnauzer. When not writing or practicing the healing arts, he enjoys martial arts like aikido as well as tennis and racquetball. His true passion is international travel and spending time with his cousins in Piacenza, Italy.

Heaven Cries by Stephan A. Silva

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Heaven Cries

When Artemio Battaglia joins the Regia Aeronautica to become a fighter pilot at the beginning of World War II, he’s inspired by the romanticized patriotism of the Fascists. His idealism is challenged when he witnesses atrocities committed against indigenous populations in North Africa, shattered after the officials he informs do nothing to stop the murderers. Their response is to transfer him to the most dangerous front in the war.
A disillusioned Artemio returns to Piacenza only to find his city occupied by ruthless German soldiers. He enlists in the war again, this time as a member of the Red Brigades. With a renewed sense of purpose, Artemio repeatedly places himself in peril, sabotaging German supply lines and giving aid to the Allies. But when his comrades capture a downed Italian pilot and schedule a hasty execution, Artemio recoils at the senseless violence. Once again, he is called to act in accordance with his conscience and embarks on a bold plan to set things right.
Based on the experiences of the author’s great uncle, Heaven Cries is a story of a young man who confronts the brutalities of war armed only with a courageous heart and an unshakable faith in moral decency.

Stephan A. Silva“Based on the actual World War II experience of the author’s great uncle, a pilot in the Regia Aeronautica, Heaven Cries conveys the disillusionment, anguish, and indomitable spirit of people betrayed first by their elected leader, then by their ally. It shows with chilling realism how the desire for freedom can become a commitment to overthrow an oppressive regime. Most significantly, it reminds us of the true spring waters of freedom: hope, kindness, courage, and love. In the dark light of recent events, this history is particularly relevant. Heaven Cries is not simply our past: it is also our present.” — Nicholas Cage, author of best-selling Eleni