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May 1793
G.F. Cope is a retired medical research scientist; writer and public speaker. Educated at undergraduate level in botany and zoology, followed by a PhD in clinical biochemistry in his home town, Leeds, Yorkshire. Post-doctoral studies took him to the University of Birmingham, West Midlands, to pursue projects, into smoking in pregnancy, heart disease and wound healing.
During this period he developed and patented a rapid testing device for nicotine intake from tobacco and e-cigarettes. This was quickly followed by the founding of a university spin-out company, of which Dr Cope was Technical Director.
Once retired he concentrated on freelance medical writing, publishing a medical book and over a hundred articles in a variety of journals.
He also returned to a childhood interest in military history. This focussed on the late Georgian period, and in particular the important character, Prince Frederick, Duke of York (second son of King George III). Alongside this key figure his attention turned to the military surgeons of the same period. Wanting to amalgamate the two subjects, the story of The Bone Cutter evolved, combining the life of the Duke, and his early campaign in the Austrian Netherlands (now Belgium). And the main protagonist, Andrew Jardine, a young inexperienced surgeon’s mate, learning his trade the hard way, during periods of dramatic and brutal fighting.

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The Bone Cutter

May 1793
The Austrian Netherlands
Having executed their King, Revolutionary France declared war on Britain and her allies, threatening now to destroy their Royal Households.
Recently widowed Andrew Jardine, leaves his infant daughter behind and enrolls in the army as a surgeon’s mate. He experiences harsh army life, encounters bloody and brutal surgery and treats the rampant diseases with only blood-letting and herbs.
The young Prince Frederick, Duke of York has been sent by his father, King George III, to command his troops. Despite his inexperience he initially meets with success, but circumstances combine ultimately to result in a devastating failure.