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Bruno Jambor

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Bruno Jambor

Bruno Jambor is a scientist and engineer who spent his career in aerospace, designing manned and unmanned spacecrafts to study stars, planets, and the earth’s resources. He has a PhD in astronomy.

Bruno was born in Hungary and resided in France in his early years. He arrived in Chicago at the age of twenty, graduated from the University of Illinois in mathematics, and continued with graduate studies in astronomy.

To finance part of his studies, he worked as a laboratory technician in a Chicago hospital, helping with research about heart disease conducted on dogs. He was a guinea pig in studies on early techniques to automate the analysis of electrocardiograms, and he was one of the first human subjects whose EKG was sent over phone lines from Chicago to Denver, with results sent back to Chicago. Some of his heartbeats must have remained in Colorado, because he spent the rest of his career there. While finishing his thesis, he was called out west for a job interview he never applied for and was hired, while his other carefully investigated leads did not work out. Convinced that Providence is much more effective than human planning, he moved his family to the Rocky Mountain state and settled there. Currently, Bruno lives with his wife, Pat, at the foot of the Rockies, where he writes and enjoys cultivating what the deer let him grow, which is mostly pinion pine, penstemon, and sage.

Wildfire in the Desert was inspired by a long fascination with the Sonoran Desert in Arizona, specifically its unique position at the confluence of two civilizations that over time provided a history rich in legends, explorers, and vaqueros amid an extraordinary landscape.

Wildfire in the Desert by Bruno Jambor

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Wildfire in the Desert

In this fast-moving tale of intrigue, present-day Arizona collides with its own past. A Navy veteran returns home to his ancestral land to escape the pace of modern life. His nephew begs him to hide the drugs he’s transporting to escape his pursuers. An astronomer trying to find a replacement for his estranged wife finds solace in his work with the stars. Police work with a drug cartel to recover the disappeared shipment, ready to sacrifice any opponent. The antagonists crisscross the desert of Southern Arizona in a chess game where the loser will be eliminated—and unexpected help comes from a famous missionary who blazed new paths through the same desert three centuries ago.

“Bruno Jambor, a scientist and retired aerospace engineer, has created a multi-faceted story drawing together the natural beauty of the Southwest, the friendship of men whose ‘day jobs’ have differed enough to add a piquancy to their friendship, and a vigorous tale of derring-do. The characters, their emotions, behavior and the intermittent sequences with the past are deftly woven together. Those attracted to any of the themes and not least Kino’s vicarious presence, are in for an enjoyable read.” — Jane Manaster, Southewestern American Literature