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Amaya Tenshi

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Amaya Tenshi

Historical-Mythological- Urban-Fantasy Pop Fiction — Amaya grew up on mythology: Greek, Egyptian, Norse, and of course fairy tales from Europe and Japan. She has spent years amassing a nifty little collection of fairy tales and legends from as many different cultures around the world as she could find: China, Vietnam, India, Africa, and more. With interest in subjects like history, theology, folklore, philosophy, and humanity itself, she earned two BAs which have been entirely useless since graduating college. When not reading hard to find history books or trying to decipher a rare tome in yet another language she doesn’t speak, she writes, spends time training her two cats to do tricks, and taking them for walks. She also designs illustrations for an indie comic book.

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Dracula’s Match

Cammy and Vlad are back!
Cammy is still grieving after violent death of her friend Heather, but her life is about to get way more complicated. First, there’s the appearance of children who can turn invisible; then a stalker huldra — a magical creature with a tendency to kill her lovers — follows her to her place of work; and there are all the unanswered questions her friends keep asking her.
But it isn’t just Cammy having problems; Vlad must deal with a formidable adversary. A draugr is loose in Seattle and is destroying Seattle tourist hot spots, killing anyone unfortunate enough to get in his way or run across his werewolf buddies. Even Dracula cannot subdue him, and a draugr is even harder to kill than a vampire.
Unless Vlad and Cammy can figure out a way to stop him, her friends will be in danger, not only from supernatural monsters, but from government agents increasingly desperate to keep the supernatural secret. 



Dracula's Guest by Amaya Tenshi

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Dracula’s Guest

When Cammy, Seattle hipster, part-time barista and college student, survives an attack by a pack of vampires, she resolves to learn more about what is going on in the shadows of her city. What she discovers is that none other than Dracula himself is involved in vampire abatement efforts. She asks to join forces, and refuses to take “No! Absolutely not!” for an answer. So Cammy ends up moving in—minds out of the gutter about that, folks, this isn’t that kind of story. The unlikely duo bring their disparate skill sets together in an effort to put down a mysterious horde of Hollywood-style vampires, and to find out where the bloodsuckers are coming from. A friendly werewolf-for-hire tags along to help out as little as possible. Cammy’s childhood friend Brian is suspicious of her new living arrangements and even more suspicious of her housemate’s motives. But Cammy has less time for her friends these days. Besides work and school, there are Occult Orders, monsters out of legend, and unwelcome oversight by what just might be the scariest monsters of all, after Cammy’s own mother—agents of the United States government.