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Vital Spark by Leah Devlin

We were pleased as could be with this terrific new review from Cindy Vallar at the Pirates and Privateers blog of Leah Devlin’s murder mystery, Vital Spark, the first book in the Chesapeake Tug Boat Murders. Vallar’s usual fare is Age of Sail and Pirates — but she found Leah Devlin’s modern take on historical pirates fascinating — and the murder mystery gruesome enough to please any pirate. Here’s a snippet:

...Vital Spark keeps you guessing until the very end. The book is populated with a host of characters similar to a circus sideshow, enriching the story and making your visit to River Glen memorable. Devlin deftly weaves science, history, pirate lore, romance, and mystery into a remarkable tale with serpentine twists and a final showdown that promises more puzzling mysteries to come. Her Giles Blood-hand Wikipedia entry seems authentic, but it’s as much a figment of her imagination as this delightful cast of characters and thrilling romantic suspense.