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American Blood by Bruce WoodsTucson, AZ, USA — Penmore Press is pleased to announce the release of American Blood by Bruce Woods.

American Blood. Paulette Monot, vampire-adventuress, having survived the Matabele War in Africa, leaves England to travel in the opposite direction: to America, there to recuperate, make her fortune, and keep a low profile. So much for good intentions. When she finds herself strongly attracted to Lucy Burns, a young leader in the American movement for Women’s Suffrage and the right to vote, the best Paulette can hope for is one out of three. The women who dare to peaceably demand be treated as human beings under the law are being treated worse than the most violent offenders. And it isn’t just human anger and prejudice they must contend with. By the time Paulette figures out why disembodied, malevolent spirits are plaguing the suffragettes, it may be too late to save Lucy. On the other hand, Paulette, whose thirst for vengeance is at least as strong as her taste for alluring redheads, finally has a chance to hunt down her accidental maker—with or without the permission of the American vampire kin. American Blood, a stand-alone sequel to Royal Blood, is historical urban fantasy in which the actual events depicted are more horrific than the imagined supernatural elements.