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Marc Liebman: Featured Author

Marc Liebman is a retired U.S. Navy Captain and Naval Aviator and combat veteran of  the Vietnam tanker wars of the 1980s and Desert Shield/Desert Storm.  He retired as a Captain after twenty-four years in the Navy and a military career that took him all over the world. Marc has worked with the armed forces of Australia, Canada, Japan, Thailand, Republic of Korea, the Philippines and the U.K.  Marc has just under 6,000 hours of pilot-in-command/co-pilot flight time in a variety of tactical military, civilian fixed and rotary wing aircraft.  In the business world, he has been the CEO of an aerospace and defense manufacturing firm, an associate editor of a national magazine and a copywriter for an advertising agency as well as a senior executive of a global business process management firm. 

Liebman retired from the business world in 2015 to become a full time author of the Josh Haman Series, military thrillers from the battle fields of Vietnam, to intelligence operations hunting for rogue CIA operatives. Liebman’s a unique perspective from the cockpit of a Search and Rescue helicopter for Naval SEALS during the war, and his novels provide provide readers with a white knuckle ride-a-along in their action-filled scenes.

For more information on the novels and Liebman’s speaking events, please visit Marc Liebman’s website