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Vital Spark by Leah Devlin

Leah Devlin is posting wonderful snippets on her blog from her upcoming “Diva of Darkness” the third mystery in the Chesapeake Tugboat Murders.” Get your leathers on and hold on to the throttle — this novel roars through the twists and turns of the plot. And while enjoying these teasers, check the first two mysteries in the series, Vital Spark and Spider.

Phew … at last. Diva of Darkness, book three in the Chesapeake Tugboat Murders (CTM) series is done. My brain cells still sizzle and smoke after writing this one. Diva has turns on twists superimposed on twists on turns, apropos a mystery about motorcycles and women-bikers. At the epicenter of all the CTM thrillers is a crime to baffle Detective Jay Braden and his millennial assistants Lisa Paco and Will Wilkins of the River Glen Maryland Police Department. In Diva the body of an esteemed Philadelphia art professor is found on the shores of the Chesapeake. And what about the weird, unexplained sightings at the derelict mansion of the Civil War spies Josiah and Abigail Wedgewood-Smyth, just up the coast from River Glen? There’s no such thing as ghosts, is there? And who’s that stranger who just rode into the tiny village on her BMW motorcycle?