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John Harmon McElroy has a wonderful guest post at Janet Rudolph’s Mystery Fanfare Blog on the historical background to his historical murder mystery Benjamin Franklin and the Quaker Murders — the first in a detective series. The post provides readers with some some fascinating details about Franklin and his sleuthing abilities. Here’s a snippet from the post:

Benjamin Franklin and The Quaker Murders by John Harmon McElroy

….During the ins and outs of the investigation, Franklin also demonstrates the skill in making deductions from physical evidence that allowed him to solve some of the basic mysteries concerning the nature of electricity. This accomplishment prompted Scotland’s St. Andrews University to confer an honorary doctor’s degree on him. After that honor in 1759, this youngest son of a Boston candle maker, who only had two years of formal schooling, was always addressed as “Dr. Franklin.”

(More on this wonderful series can be found at: