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John Harmon McElroy

Penmore Press is pleased to introduce author John Harmon Mclroy, whose new novel, Benjamin Franklin and The Quaker Murders, the first in a series of mruder mysteries featuring Benjamin Franklin is soon to be released.

John Harmon McElroy was born in a small glass-manufacturing town on the banks of the Allegheny River in Pennsylvania, and two of his ancestors fought for American independence in the Revolutionary War. A graduate of Princeton University, John spent two years as an ensign on a destroyer escort radar picket ship in the mid-Atlantic, keeping watch for Soviet bombers. He is a professor emeritus of American literature at the University of Arizona, was twice appointed a Fulbright professor of American studies, and is the author of four books on American cultural history. For over twenty years he taught The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin in a course he created called Literature of the Early Republic.