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.. The Bone CutterAlphabetical by Author


Philip R. Ackman, The Man in the Spider Web Coat

Lou Aguilar, Jake for Mayor

Philip K. Allan, The Captain’s Nephew

Philip K. Allan, A Sloop of War

Philip K. Allan, On the Lee Shore

Philip K. Allan, A Man of No Country

Philip K. Allan, The Distant Ocean

Philip K. Allan, The Turn of the Tide

Philip K. Allan, In Northern Seas

Mark K Bois. Ensign James Lockwood

Mark Bois, Lockwoods of Clonakilty

Mark Bois, Lieutenant James Lockwood at the Battle of Waterloo

Mark Bois, Captain James Lockwood

James Boschert, Assassins of Alamut

James Boschert, Knight Assassin

James Boschert, Assassination in Al Qahira

James Boschert, Greek Fire

James Boschert A Falcon Flies

James Boschert, The Dragon’s Breath

James Boschert, Assassins of Kantara

James Boschert, Storms of Retribution

James Boschert, A Congress of Kings

James Boschert, When the Jungle is Silent

James Boschert, North Sea Windstorm

James Boschert, Midshipman Graham

Michael Brown, The Girl Who Was Me Is Gone

Susan Boulton, Hand of Glory

Sandra Camillo, The Journey of an Invisible Woman

Ann Chamberlin, The Book of Wizzy

G.F.Cope. The Bone Cutter

Kerry Cue, Target 91

John M. Danielski, The King’s Scarlet

John M. Danielski, Blue Water, Scarlet Tide

John M. Danielski, Capital’s Punishment

John M. Danielski, Bellerophon’s Champion: Pennywhistle at Trafalgar

John M. Danielski, Bombproofed

John M. Danielski, Attaché Extraordinaire

Leah Devlin, Vital Spark

Leah Devlin, Spider

Leah DevlinForger’s Revenge

Leah Devlin, The Bottom Dwellers

Leah Devlin, Aegir’s Curse

Leah Devlin, The Bends

Elena Douglas, Shadow of Athena

Elena Douglas, Warrior’s Prize

Diana Forbes, Mistress Suffragette

Patrick Gabridge, Steering to Freedom

Craig Godfrey, Taken to the Grave

Craig Godfrey, 1814

Craig Godfrey, Silent From the Shadows

Craig Godfrey, Coral Moon

Lee Gold, Valhalla: Absent Without Leave

Lee Gold, Valhalla: Into the Darkness

J.G. Harlond, The Chosen Man

J.G. Harlond, A Turning Wind

J.G. Harlond, A Force of Circumstance

J.G. Harlond, The Empress Emerald

J.G. Harlond, Local Resistance

Roger Hileman, A Killing Snow

Roger Hileman, In the Blood

Helen Hollick, Sea Witch

Helen Hollick, Pirate Code

Helen Hollick, Bring It Close

Helen Hollick, Ripples in the Sand

David Hoing, A Killing Snow

David Hoing, In the Blood

J.A. Ironside, An Argument of Blood

J.A. Ironside, A Black Matter for the King

Bruno Jambor, Wildfire in the Desert

M.J. Jones, The King’s Corpse

Toni Bird Jones, The Measure of Ella

James Keffer, Brewer’s Luck

James Keffer, Brewer’s Revenge

James Keffer, Brewer and the Barbary Pirates

James Keffer, Brewer and the Portuguese Gold

James Keffer, Hornblower and the Journey Home

James Keffer, Brewer and The Black Rose

James Keffer, Hornblower and the Island

Sarah Kennedy, The Altarpiece

Sarah Kennedy, City of Ladies

Sarah Kennedy, The King’s Sisters

Sarah Kennedy, Queen of Blood

Patrice LaPlante, Follies in Flanders

Marc Liebman, Cherubs 2

Marc Liebman, Big Mother 40

Marc Liebman, Render Harmless

Marc Liebman, Forgotten

Marc Liebman, Inner Look

Marc Liebman, Moscow Airlift

Marc Liebman, Raider of the Scottish Coast

Marc Liebman, Carronade

Marc Liebman, Death of a Lady

Marc Liebman, The Simushir Island Incident

Benerson Little, Fortune’s Whelp

Lynda Lippman Lockhart, The Laundry Room

Olivia Longueville, Between Two Kings

Marie MacPherson, The First Blast of the Trumpet

Marie MacPherson, The Second Blast of the Trumpet

John Harmon McElroy, Benjamin Franklin and the Quaker Murders

Stephen McGarry, Napoleon’s Blackguards

Charles Monagan, Carrie Welton

M. Howard Morgan. St Valentine’s Fleet

 M.Howard Morgan. The Glorious First

M.Howard Morgan. First Fleet

Steven M. Moore, Son of Thunder

Steven M. Moore, Rembrandt’s Angel

Marina Julia Neary, Saved By the Bang: A Nuclear Comedy

Marina Julia Neary, The Gate of Dawn

Roger Paine, Ships and Sealing Wax

R. Kenward Jones. Buried at Sea

Marleen Pasch, At the End of the Storm

Donald Michael Platt, Close to the Sun

Donald Michael Platt, Rocamora

Donald Michael Platt, House of Rocamora

Donald Michal Platt, Bodo the Apostate

Donald Michael Platt, A Gathering of Vultures

Donald Michael Platt, The Sorceress and the Skull

Marshall Riggan, Sulu Sea

Mark A. Rimmer, The California Run

Mary Donnarumma Sharnick, Orla’s Canvas

Mary Donnarumma Sharnick, Painting Mercy

Mary Donnarumma Sharnick, The Contessa’s Easel

Mary Donnarumma Sharnick, En Plein Air

Stephan A. Silva, Heaven Cries

Ron Singerton, Villa of Deceit

Ron Singerton, The Silk and The Sword

Ron Singerton, A Cherry Blossom in Winter

Ron Singerton, A Blossom in the Ashes

Ron Singerton, The Refused

Hale Michael Smith, Religion Reinterpreted

Steve Smith, Better to Die

Jim Stempel, Windmill Point

Jim Stempel, American Hannibal

Amaya Tenshi, Dracula’s Death

Amaya Tenshi, Dracula’s Match

Amaya Tenshi, Dracula’s Guest

Chéri Vausé, Shadows

Rod Vick, The Book of Invasions

D. C. Wales, The Prick

Margaret Walker, His Most Italian City

Margaret Walker, Through Forests and Mountains

Bob Walton. A Lamb Lies Down

Matthew Willis, An Argument of Blood

Matthew Willis, A Black Matter for the King

Bruce Woods, Royal Blood

Bruce Woods, Dragon Blood

Bruce Woods, American Blood