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 BIG MOTHER 40 by Marc Liebman's

Set in 1972, Marc Liebman’sBIG MOTHER 40 is a well-written fast paced page turner, which captures the essence of combat and armchair stupidity from both sides of the Viet Nam War, and a major failure of U.S. Intelligence that added to the body count of SEALS and flyers.

The basic storyline is for Navy helicopter and SEAL combat/reconnaissance teams to locate a secret North Vietnamese missile base run by Soviet advisors that is causing serious losses to U.S. flyers.

The interplay among heroic helicopter crews and SEAL reconnaissance teams ring true, because the author served two tours in Viet Nam as a helicopter pilot who had been there and done that. At the same time, he presents the war from the viewpoints of North Vietnamese and their Russian advisors, who are fearful of political commissars attached to their units.

All principal characters are fully drawn, often with humor, and the author includes a romance between the helicopter pilot protagonist and a unique lady unlike any I have encountered in fiction.

I recommend BIG MOTHER 40 as an informative and most satisfying read for veterans of the war and all readers who enjoy a well told adventure.

Donald Michael Platt, author of:

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