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An Argument of Blood 
by Matthew Willis & J. A. Ironside

An Argument of Blood by Matthew Willis and J. A. Ironside has been on a very successful virtual blog tour, with give aways and rave reviews from bloggers. Here’s a sample of some of the responses.

Tony Riches: “This fresh look at the life led by William ‘The Conqueror’ when he was merely a young (and not particularly successful) duke becomes a real ‘game of thrones’ as the chapters alternate between events in Normandy and those on the the other side of the English Channel. The star of this book proves not to be William but instead the unlikely ten-year-old Ælfgifa, sister of Harold Godwinson. All the characters in this book have their flaws but Ælfgifa takes it to a whole new level and steals every scene and is a character who would fit in any George R. R. Martin novel.”

Backporchervations Blogspot: “Historical fiction is one of my two favorite genres. It makes the dry facts and dates of history come alive, while ‘teaching’ the same information. Naturally, authors have to take some liberties with information not contained in history books, to make the story more enjoyable. Most try to make their works as historically accurate as they can. An Argument of Blood is a prime example of such careful research, coupled with a thrilling tale!”

HooverBookReviews: ““It was a strange time and everyone who has the slightest link to the throne gets involved, and while this is all historical fact, it takes a good fiction writer, or in this case fiction writers, to take that history and piece together a tale that falls into the realm of believable possibility. We all know the outcome awaiting William, but it is still an intriguing take on the path leading to his destiny, and an intriguing look at the easy to overlook woman who played an important part in that destiny. 4.3 stars and am looking forward to the sequel.”

Locks, Hooks, and Books: “I could not put it down! I was a little intimidated by its size at first. However, I had it read in one day. It was a day well spent. I just loved the authors’ vision of young William the Conqueror and what England was like before he took over as ruler. I was fascinated with the whole story. My favorite part was when William was first introduced to Matilda. The women of the book are ones that are of great courage and are admirable for the times.”