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Dangerous Landscape by Leah Devlin's
Leah Devlin, author of the Woods Hole Mysteries, and now The Chesapeake Tuboat Murders writes about the very spooky and trecherous landscape of her forthcoming Chesapeake Tug Boat Mystery, Spider. And do follow up on Leah’s website will all of her characters, lots of photo of her amazing settings on the eastern seaboard. Here’s a snippet:

“In Spider, Book Two of the Chesapeake Tugboat Murders, a rare chronicle is found in the archives of the River Glen Historical Society that obliquely mentions a 1694 foray into the northern Chesapeake by the bloodthirsty Juan Carlos del Castillo and his band of cut-throats on the Tereza. But how did an entire pirate ship disappear? And what happened to Tereza’s treasure? Does the answer lie in the swamps upriver from the sleepy village of River Glen?…”